Familiarise yourself with the Image Manager

You will almost certainly wish to use images within the pages of your site, and as soon as you have this requirement you will need to use the Image Manager. From here you can upload images and photos from your computer, as well as resize, crop and rotate them. This overview introduces you to the main elements of the Image Manager.

  1. The sort bar allows you to order the images that you are browsing in a variety of ways. This can either be by original order (the order in which you added the images), image name, or filename - all three also have a reverse option. The "Images Per Page" options allows you to choose how many images appear on each screen of the image browser, between 20 and 60 images.
  2. As images can take up a lot of storage space, the used space bar shows how free space is remaining. If space is running low, you should think about deleting older or unrequired images.
  3. The thumbnail browser lists the images that have been added to the Image Library, representing each one with a small (thumbnail) version.
  4. There is an "Options >" link underneath each image thumbnail. Clicking on this brings up the image options menu, as shown in the bottom-left of the screenshot. The options are as follows:
    • View Full Size Image. Opens the image in a new window, displayed at its full dimensions.
    • Resize... Allows you to interactively resize the original image file.
    • Crop... Allows you to crop the image using an interactive drag-and-drop cropping tool.
    • Flip/Rotate... Shows options for mirroring, inverting or rotating the image.
    • Show URL. Opens a message box containing the full web address of the image, so you can share it or use it in a web page.
    • Delete. After confirmation, removes the image from the Image Library and deletes the image file. Note that you will not be able to delete an image if it is in use on one of the pages of your website.
  5. The browse controls allow you to navigate your way through the images in the Image Library. Use the < and > controls to leaf through one page at a time, or you can jump straight to a page of images using the numbered links at the bottom.
  6. You can upload one or more new images to the Image Library using the "Add an Image" option.
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