Familiarise yourself with the Page Manager

The most important aspect of your website is of course the pages that make it up. The list of pages, and the order in which the appear in the menu(s) of your site, is controlled via the Page Manager. The components of the Page Manager are detailed below.

  1. The paper icon shows that this is a single page with no children. The short title of the page is displayed next to the icon.
  2. The folder icon indicates that this page has at least one sub-page. Click on a folder icon to toggle it opened and closed. Again, the short title is shown next to the article.
  3. The pencil icon shows that the page is available to be edited. Click on the icon to open the page in the Page Editor.
  4. The dimmed globe icon indicates that this page has already been published.
  5. Click the spanner icon to open the "Edit Page Details & Settings" window. From here you can change things such as the short and long title of the page, META data such as the page description, the page type (news, events, etc), and settings such as whether the page is displayed in the menu.
  6. The add page dropdown allows you to add a page either before, after, or as a sub-page of the page beside which it is listed.
  7. If the globe icon is lit up, it means the page is awaiting publication. Click the icon to publish the page - either straight away, or at a time which you can specify.
  8. The arrow icon opens the "Move Page" window, which allows you to choose where in the site page layout this page is situated.
  9. The copy icon allows you to make an exact copy of the page and place it anywhere within the layout of your website.
  10. The light icon shows if the page is turned on or off - a green light indicates that the page is live on the website, whilst a red light means it is not currently available. Simply click the light to toggle the page on and off.
  11. The cross icon allows you to delete the page. Don't worry if you delete the page by mistake, it is sent to the Litter Bin where you can reinstate it if required.
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