Feature list

eazyCMS contains a whole host of features to allow you to make the most of your website, in the easiest possible way. The features available include:

  • Fully Web-based interface, no programs to download or install.
  • User-friendly but powerful icon-based interface.
  • True WYSIWYG page content editing.
  • Publish changes to your live website on-the-fly.
  • Timed content release - schedule the exact time when you want new content to appear on the site - days / weeks / months in advance.
  • Fully database driven.
  • Full META tag control : titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. "Dublin Core" standards.
  • Multiple Document states: Published, awaiting publication, in use, etc.
  • Standard page editing features found in Word processing software, including: bold, colour, tables, formatting, alignment, lists, etc.
  • Familiar Interface = minimal learning curve.
  • Copy and Paste from other sources.
  • Image Library - upload, browse and view images.
  • Document Library - upload, browse and read documents online.
  • Multiple step Undo in WYSIWYG editor.
  • Multiple step Rollback facility, at page level.
  • Site Search Engine: eazyCMS powered websites are fully searchable.
  • Automatically generates sitemap.
  • Automatically generates navigation: menus, breadcrumb trails, etc.
  • Template-driven system, ensuring continuity of design when you update your site.
  • Ready-to-go databases: Events, News, FAQs, Blog, Glossary, and many more.
  • Single to volume user licenses, with no upper limit.
  • eazyCMS and your website are fully managed and hosted for you.
  • Transparent software upgrades and updates.
  • Support pack options (live eazySupport, telephone help, online help, training days)
  • Position / deactivate / publish / delete pages and site menu updates on-the-fly!
  • Full Audit Trail with a full history of all actions carried out on a page since creation.
  • Traffic Analyser - lists all the main access/usage statistics for your end-user site.
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