What is eazyCMS?

eazyCMS is a Website Editor

CMS stands for Content Management System - it is an eazy way to interactively change the contents of your site - the titles of pages, what they contain, and the number and structure of pages that make up your site.

eazyCMS offers the functionality that would, in a custom-made system, cost thousands or tens of thousands - and it's all available online through your browser - there is absolutely no software to install!

eazyCMS offers a user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page editor, so that you can see at-a-glance exactly how your pages will look when they appear on your site.

There are plenty of functions for maintaining your site: You can create, edit, move and delete pages – you can start simple, using the eazy-to-use controls, then move on to the more advanced controls as and when you need to.

eazyCMS is a Hosting Service

Your site is hosted as part of eazyCMS, this means that as soon as you've built your site it's ready to appear on the World Wide Web. This is great as you don't have to worry about finding a hosting company and all the bother of copying your site files onto their server.

In Conclusion

eazyCMS - its the complete, affordable solution for building, managing and hosting your next web site! Find more information about how eazyCMS works, or why not give it a go today - try out the SiteBuilder by building a sample site NOW?

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