How it works

So how do you go about editing your site with eazyCMS?

Decide on a design

First you need a style for your website, defined in a template. This template can be developed online using the eazySiteBuilder system - by making choices from colours, fonts, images and layouts. With a staggering 955,548 combinations currently available, there's sure to be an option for you! If you're looking for something a little more bespoke, our team of developers can custom-design a look and feel personalised to your exact requirements. Already have a website that you like? No problem, we can convert 99% of websites into a format that is supported by eazyCMS.

Log in to eazyCMS

Securely access the system via your web browser, using your unique username and password combination. You get this within minutes of buying online - so you can access your new website almost instantly!

Do some editing

Edit your pages using the WYSIWYG (what you see it what you get) editing tools. You dont need to be a web developer to develop a website with eazyCMS. If you can write a letter in MS Word, you can use eazyCMS!

Publish your changes

When you are happy with what you've come up with, publish your pages to your live site. The live site will use the data you supply it with, and display it in your chosen design.

...and that's it!

Maintaining your website is eazy with eazyCMS! Remember, you can log in and change the contents of your website at any time - without needing to worry about the style or the look of your site (thats handled by the template) and without having any special software (you just need a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

eazyCMS - because web should be eazy!




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