Basics of the Page Editor

The page editor is the main way of getting content into the pages of your site. It allows you to enter anything into your sites pages from the simple (such as text and headings) through to images, links and tables of data.

In this tutorial we will look at how to open the page editor and enter some text and simple formatting.

1. Open a page for editing

Next to each page in the Page Manager page list, there is a pencil icon which opens the page for editing. Simply click this icon next to the page you wish to edit.

2. Enter and format some text

The page editor will open inside the layout of your website, with the banner and menus wrapped around it so you can get a good idea of how the content you are entering will appear when published to the live website. The simple formatting toolbars are shown below.

Each of these options will affect either the currently selected text, or (if none is selected) the current paragraph, defined as the paragraph in which the flashing "insertion point" cursor is currently situated.

Let's look at each of the icons in turn.

  1. Bold. Makes the text bold.
  2. Italic. Makes the text italic.
  3. Subscript. Makes the text subscript.
  4. Superscript. Makes the text superscript.
  5. Numbered list*. Creates a list of items indicated by sequentially increasing numbers (e.g. like this list of icon descriptions).
  6. Bulleted list*. Creates a list of items indicated by bullets, e.g.
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3
  7. Outdent paragraph. If a paragraph has been indented, remove the level of indentation by one.
  8. Indent paragraph. Move the level of indentation in by one level.
  9. Left-align the text.
  10. Centre the text.
  11. Right-align the text.

* When you are typing text into a numbered or bulleted list, you can press <ENTER> to start a new list item, or press <SHIFT>+<ENTER> to start a new line within the same list item.

3. Choose what to do with your content

After making changes to the content of a page, you have three options (via buttons below the page editor).

Save the changes you have made and apply them instantly to the live website.
Save the changes you have made, but do NOT apply them to the live website (the current content will remain live instead). It can be published later with the Publish Page option.
Discard any changes you have made since starting to edit the page.


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