Copy a page

Sometimes you will wish to copy one of the pages of your site (e.g. to create a new page with similar content). Using the Page Manager's "Copy" feature you can both create an exact duplicate of a page, and place it at an exact position within the page order.

To copy a page, follow these instructions.

1. Click the "Copy" icon

Next to each page in the Page Manager page list, there is an icon with two layered boxes which opens the copy page screen. Simply click this icon next to the page that you wish to make a copy of.

In this example, we are making a copy of the "About Us" page. The page list shows the structure of the site, with the page you are going to copy highlighted with bold text:

2. Choose where you wish to copy the page

There are 3 places that a page can be copied to:

  • Before an existing page.
  • After an existing page.
  • As a sub-page of an existing page.

All of these options can be accessed with a single click - simply use the "Show copy options" link next to the page you wish to copy the page before, after, or to a sub page of. In the example, we will place the copy of the "About Us" page after the "Slideshow" page:

The screenshot shows that after clicking "Show copy options", the three options appear as a preview with a pale red background.

3. Complete the copy

Click the "Copy Here" option next to the location at which you wish to make the copy of the page to. In the example we wish to copy the "About Us" page below the "Slideshow" page, so we use the bottom of the 3 options.

  1. Put the copy of the "About Us" page directly above the "Slideshow" page.
  2. Put the copy of the "About Us" page to a sub-page (child) of the "Slideshow" page.
  3. Put the copy of the "About Us" page directly after the "Slideshow" page.

Click "OK" when prompted to complete the copy and return to the Page Manager. As shown below, the page is displayed in the Page Manager after the "Slideshow" page, with "copy of" at the start of the page title:

Note: The page will be duplicated exactly. That is, if the page you are copying is turned off or awaiting publication, the copy of the page will be too. All META data (description, keywords) and information such as whether the page is hidden from the menu is also copied.

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