Creating form hints to help your website visitors

Sometimes, the simple captions in a form may not provide enough information about the data you wish a visitor to enter. For instance, you may have an "Email Address" field, but you need to make it clear that the user has to enter a valid, current email address as you will contact them using that address.

Form hints can be used to provide detailed information about any or all of the elements in the forms of your site. For instance, the problem above is solved using the following form. Simply click inside the "Email Address" box to see the hint in action:

Verification: Please type the word TWO into the box:

This guide will show you how to add hints to your forms.

1. Edit the form to which you wish to add hints

From the Form Editor main menu, click "Edit" next to the form you wish to edit.

2. Open the form element editor

Click on the "Edit Form Elements" tab in the Form Editor.

3. Edit the form element to which you wish to add a hint

If you have not created the form element, you should do so first. If you have, click the "Edit" link next to the form element that requires a hint.

4. Enter the text for the hint

On the "Edit element" page, there is a "Hint" box. Enter the text that you wish to appear inside the hint bubble, as below.

5. Save your changes

Once you have entered the hint text, simply click the "Update" button and the hint will be applied to all instances of the form on your website, as with the example above.

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