Link to other pages and websites

You will often find that you want to direct the user to other places from a page - either pages on your own website, or to a page on a different website.

This tutorial explains how to make links, assuming that you have already opened a page in the Page Editor.

1. Select the element that you wish to turn into a link

You can turn almost anything into a link, so start by selecting a word, phrase, paragraph or image within the content of the page.

2. Click the "Link" button

In the toolbar of the Page Editor, click the "Link" button.

3a. To link to a page in your website

You will often find that you wish to link one page of your site to another, e.g. if you have the text "contact us for more information" and with to link the "contact us" to your contact details page.

In the "Link" window which opened after step 2, select the page you wish to link to in the "Choose Page" dropdown, as shown below.

3b. To link to a page on another website

If you need to link to a page on a different website, you should first enter the web address into the URL box:

In the case of links to other websites, you may wish for the link to open in a new window when somebody clicks on it (to avoid people from leaving your site). To do this, simply click the "Target" tab and choose "New Window" from the dropdown list.

4. Apply the link

If you are happy with the details you have entered for the link, click the "OK" button and it will be applied to the object(s) that you selected. You can click "Cancel" to close the link window without applying the link.

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