Crop an image with the Image Manager

There will be occasions where you have uploaded an image, but find that it does not look right when in situ on a web page - e.g. especially when uploading photographs directly from a camera, the subject of a photograph may not be in the centre of the frame, or there may be unwanted scenery at the edges of the picture.

To crop (cut out) the important part of an image, follow these simple steps.

1. Open the Image Manager

From the eazyCMS main menu, click on the "Image Manager" icon in the "Pages and their contents" section.

2. Open the crop tool

Click the "Options >" link below the image you wish to resize, and select the "Crop..." option.

3. Choose the area to crop

When the crop window opens, you will see the image displayed at full size. Click and drag inside the image to draw the crop box, as below:

Note that the part of the image which will be discarded is darkened, with the image that will remain being shown normally inside the crop box. Once you have drawn the selection, you can move it by dragging in the centre of the box, and resize it with the handles on the edges and corners:

4. Crop the image

Once you are happy that the selected area is ready to be cropped, click the "Crop Image" button. The original file will be permamently changed, so when asked for confirmation only click "OK" if you are absolutely sure you wish to crop the image.

After the crop has been processed, the page will reload to show the newly cropped image:

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