Delete an image

As images can take up a large amount of storage space, preiodically deleting images that you no longer require is certainly worthwhile.

This tutorial shows the stages involved in deleting an image.

1. Open the Image Manager

From the eazyCMS main menu, click on the "Image Manager" icon in the "Pages and their contents" section.

2. Delete the image

Click the "Options >" link below the image you wish to delete, and select the "Delete..." option.

This process will not always delete the image straight away. If the image is currently in use in one of the pages of your website (or slideshows, carousels, etc), deleting it would leave a broken image and spoil that page. In these cases, you will see a message like the following:

You will need to remove the image from all pages, slideshows, and other places it is in use before it can be deleted.

If the image is not in use, after clicking "OK" it will be removed from the website and free up the associated storage space.

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