Edit details of a page

The content is the most important aspect of a page, but there are many other options and settings available for each page of your site. To gain access to the configuration options, follow these instructions:

1. Click the "Edit Details and Settings" icon

Next to each page in the Page Manager page list, there is a spanner icon which opens the page details editor. Simply click this icon next to the page of which you wish to change details and settings.

2. Use the tabs to locate and edit options

There are 5 different tabs in the "Edit Page Details and Settings" window, each of which house various options for configuring the page. The tabs and their contents are as follow:

Page details

Here, you can edit the most fundamental elements of the page aside from its content.

Short Title
This is the text that is displayed in your site's menu for this page.

Long Title
The text shown in the browser's title bar and as the link in search engine results for this page.

An overview of the page, shown in search engine results.

A comma separated list of relevant keywords related to this page. Used by some search engines.

Any comments you wish to add about this page, for your use only.

Page type

The "Page type" tab contains all of the different dynamic page types that can be assigned to the pages of your website. A brief description is displayed below each option, but more information on the available page types can be found later in this user guide.

Page configuration

This tab contains miscellaneous options for defining the page's behaviour.

Created By
Shows the user who first created the page.

Last Edited By
Shows the user who last made a change to the page's content.

Last Published By
Shows the user who last published the page to the live website.

Current Status
Shows whether the site is awaiting publication or has been published.

Members Only Page
Allows you to define if the page can only be accessed by members who are currently logged in to the site. Choose "No" to make the page public, a membership level to only allow members of that level or higher to access the page, or "All Members".

Rollbacks Available
"Rollbacks" are backups of the page content, made every time the page is saved. This option shows how many backups are available, and allows them to be viewed or reinstated by clicking the "View" link.

User Visits
Shows how many times the page has been viewed on the website.

Set for Release
Indicates whether the page content is set ready to be published at some time in the future.

Set to Expire
Indicates whether the page will turn off after a certain date. Click the "Change" link to set/remove an expiry date.

If set to "Yes", the menu of your website will tell search engines not to look at this page.

RSS (really simple syndication) feeds allow websites to share real time lists of text and links, for instance a stream of latest news. Enter the address of one of these feeds into the box to include it on this page.

External Address
If a website address is entered into this box, when the page title is clicked in your website's menu the user will be taken to that website, rather than the page in your site.

Expiry date

There may be times when you wish for a page to stay live for a limited time, after which it is no longer relevant (e.g. a limited special offer or details of an event). The expiry date allows you to specify a date and time after which the page will turn itself off.

If you do not wish for the page to expire at any stage, simple tick the "No Expiry" box. Otherwise, tick the "Expire at the following date and time" box and then choose the time and date at which you wish the page to turn off, using the option boxes provided.

Friendly page name

In order to make it easier to share a link to one of your website pages with clients or friends, you can use a "Friendly Page Name".

Enter the address for the page in the box provided. Make sure you only use letters, numbers or hyphens. If you choose, for instance, "book-online" then the address will be http://www.mysite.com/book-online.


3. Save your changes

After you have made changes in any of the tabs (you can make as many changes as your require in one go), click the "Save Details" button to apply all changes to the live website. To discard any information you have entered, click the "Close" link in the corner of the panel.

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