Flip or rotate an image with the Image Manager

Sometimes and image you have uploaded will be in the wrong orientation (e.g. a photograph you have taken with a camera in portrait mode is displayed in landscape mode). The Image Manager provides tools to fix such images, allowing you to rotate or flip (mirror) them.

To rotate and flip an image, follow these simple steps.

1. Open the Image Manager

From the eazyCMS main menu, click on the "Image Manager" icon in the "Pages and their contents" section.

2. Open the Flip/Rotate tool

Click the "Options >" link below the image you wish to resize, and select the "Flip/Rotate..." option.

3. Rotate and flip the image

When the Flip/Rotate page opens, the full-size image will be displayed. Below it, the four flip/rotate options are displayed as buttons.

In this example, the uploaded image is in the wrong orientation, as well as the wrong way round. We will correct that by first rotating and then flipping the image.

Firstly, click the "Rotate Left" button to rotate the image 90° anti-clockwise, correcting the orientation.

The image is in the correct orientation, but the writing is mirrored, so we need to flip it. Click the "Flip Horizontal" button.

The image can now be used in the pages of your site as required.

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