Inserting contact forms from the Form Editor module

You can insert the contact forms you create in the Form Editor into any page of your website, this short tutorial explains how.

1. Choose the form

From the Form Editor main page, locate and remember the name of the form. In the example below, the form name in question is "form4".

2. Open the Page Editor

Locate the page that you wish to insert the form into in the Page Manager, and click the pencil icon next to it to open it in the Page Editor.

3. Insert the form tag

Decide where you wish the form to appear within the page, and at this location enter the name of the form (from step 1) surrounded by square brackets, as below.

4. Save your changes

Click the "Save & Publish" page to save your changes to the website. You can also click the "Save Changes" button if you wish to make further changes before going live.

When you view the page, the form will now be displayed in place of the tag you entered, as in the example below.

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