Don't forget to Log Out

When you have finished using eazyCMS, for security reasons it is very important to log out, especially if you are using the system in a shared environment such as a library or internet cafe. If you do not log out but leave the browser open, the next user could use the back button and gain access to the system. If you log out, the user will not be able to gain access even if they use the back button.

Note that closing the browser does have the same effect as logging out, but only if there are no other browser windows or tabs open. Once you log in, you are logged in for all browser windows and tabs, for this reason it is always the most secure option to ensure you log out.

How to log out

There are two ways to log out:

1. At the top right of every eazyCMS page (below the banner), there is a "Log out" option displayed next to your username (as shown below).

Simply click the link to log out.

2. From the Main Menu, click the "Log Out" icon:

When the prompt asks you if you are you sure you want log out, simply click "OK" and you will be securely logged out.

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