Opening a page for editing

If you wish to edit the content of a page, follow these simple steps.

1. Click the "Edit" icon

Next to each page in the Page Manager page list, there is a pencil icon which opens the page for editing. Simply click this icon next to the page you wish to edit.

2. Choose an option

If the page is just a standard page, that is it has no dynamic content such as news or events, the page will open in the editor. However, if the page is dynamic you will see an option window like the following:

  • The first option opens the page in the page editor, allowing you to manipulate the user-editable content.
  • The second option takes you to the module that is relevant to the dynamic content of the page (e.g. news, events, blog, etc)
  • The third option cancels any editing and returns you to the Page Manager.
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