Reset a forgotten password

If you have forgotten the password for your eazyCMS account, it is a simple process to request a new password and have it sent to you via email. Follow the steps below to request and action a password change.

1. Go to the eazyCMS Admin website

Point your browser at

2. Click on the forgotten password link

Underneath the login form, there is a link called "Forgotten you password? Click here" Click on the link to open the password reset form.

3. Enter your username or email address

In order to reset your password, the system needs one piece of information from you - either the username you use to log in to eazyCMS or, if you have forgotten that, the email address associated with your account. Enter either piece of information into the relevant box, and then click the "Reset" button.

4. Check your email

Because eazyCMS is a secure system, your password will not be reset straight away - this is to stop anyone masquerading as you from being able to change your password. An authorisation email will be sent to you with a link allowing you to approve the reset, so check your email and you will see something like the following:

5. Click the confirmation link

If you remember your password and do not want to reset it, simply delete the email in step 4 - no further action will be taken and no changes will be made to your account. If, however, you do want to reset your password, click the confirmation link (or copy and paste the address into your web browser). The page that opens in your browser will confirm that a new password has been generated and sent to you.

6. Check your email

The system will have sent you an email containing your newly generated password, which will look something like the screenshot below:

As recommended in the email, you should log in to eazyCMS (click here to see how) and change your password to something more memorable as soon as possible.

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