Resize an image with the Image Manager

There will be occasions where you have uploaded an image, but find it is too big when inserted into a page of your website. You can resize the image directly in the Page Editor, but this is not a recommended approach as the underlying image is still the same size - the result of which is that it takes longer to download, and can appear distorted.

To properly resize an image for use in your website's pages, follow these instructions.

1. Open the Image Manager

From the eazyCMS main menu, click on the "Image Manager" icon in the "Pages and their contents" section.

2. Open the resizer

Click the "Options >" link below the image you wish to resize, and select the "Resize..." option.

3. Resize the image

On the Resize Image screen, you will see the image displayed at full size. On the corners and edges of the image are small squares, called "handles". If you click and drag any of these handles using the mouse, the image will change size - the current size, in pixels, is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Note: By default, the image remains in proportion as you resize it - that is, if you make it wider it also becomes taller. If you would like to resize the image in one direction but not another, untick the "Maintain Proportions" box - but note that this can make the image look stretched and incorrect.

4. Confirm your changes

When you are happy with the size of the image, click the "Resize Image" button. The original file will be permanently changed, so when asked for confirmation only click "OK" if you are absolutely sure you wish to resize the image. The "Reset" button will undo any size dragging you have performed since the last resize or upload.

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