Retrieve a deleted page

When you delete a page, it is not lost forever. Instead, it is sent to the Litter Bin, where it can be undeleted if required. To retrieve a deleted page, follow these steps.

1. Open the Litter Bin

From the eazyCMS main menu, click on the Litter Bin icon.

Below the icon is a counter which shows how many deleted pages are currently in the litter bin.



2. Locate the deleted page

The Litter Bin lists all pages that have been deleted, in a similar layout to the page strcuture in the Page Manager's page list. Locate the page in the list.

3. Reinstate the page

Click the "Reinstate" option next to the page you wish to undelete. The page will be restored.

Note: If the page has any sub-pages, they will also be reinstated at the same time.

4. Go to the Page Manager

When you return to the Page Manager, you will now see the reinstated page at the bottom of the list. If required, you can use the move page feature to return the page to its correct place within the list.

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