Turn a page on or off

Sometimes, you may wish to remove a page from your website without actually deleting it (for instance, if you have added and edited a page but do not yet wish for it to go live).

1. Turn a page off

Next to each page in the Page Manager's page list, there is a light icon showing the current status of the page. If the light is green, it means the page is turned on. Click the green light, the click "OK" to turn the page off.

When a page is turned off, it will no longer appear in the menu of your website, and - if your site has the search feature - in the results of a relevant search query. If the page is requested by going directly to its address, it will return a "404" (page not found) error.

Note that if the page has sub-pages, they won't actually be turned off (e.g. they will still appear in search results, or if you go to the page's address directly), but they may become inaccessible as the parent page is not displayed in your website's menu.

2. Turn a page on

If the status light icon is red, it means the page is turned off. Click the icon, then click OK, to turn the page back on.

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