Upload an image - JAVA Uploader

If you wish to use an image on your web page that you have created youself, for instance a photograph you have taken on a digital camera, you must first upload it to the Image Library. This tutorial explains how to do that.

1. Open the Image Manager

From the eazyCMS main menu, click on the "Image Manager" icon in the "Pages and their contents" section.

2. Open the uploader

At the bottom of the Image Manager main page, click on the "Add an Image" link. When the "How would you like to upload the images?" box appears, select the option on the right (as shown below):

3. Navigate to the correct folder

Once the uploader has finished loading, use the explorer-style folder view on the left to navigate to the folder which contains the image(s) you wish to upload. Once you have located the folder, click on it (as below).

4. Select the images

In the panel on the right, tick the box below each image that you wish to upload.

5. Upload the images

If your images are very large, such as 10 megapixel digital photographs, then they will take a long time to upload - as well as being unusable in your pages as they are such high resolution. If this is the case, make sure you tick the "Reduce width to 450px" box - this will resize the image that is uploaded, making it easier to use in page content.

When you are ready to upload the images, click on the "Upload" button to send them to the server. After the files are uploaded successfully, they will appear on the last page of the Image Library.

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